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The 7th edition of the Nordic Translation Industry Forum

The 7th edition of the Nordic Translation Industry Forum took place in Helsinki on the 22-24 November.

Indeed, the NTIF grew up from its “Nordic/Baltic” shape, as it was in its initial concept, and this time we had attendees from as many as 33 countries. Is it for good or for bad, it’s hard to tell. The NTIF loses its Nordic flavor little by little, but it constantly gets new attributes which make it no less attractive.

It has always been known by its innovative approach to the conference organization. This years’ surprise for us was the Remote Interpreting Software challenge which gave us the opportunity to meet and learn more about 6 pieces of interpreting software, the existence of which we had not known before. We were even more surprised to learn that one of those tools was a Lithuanian tool Interactio. We voted for it at the contest and wished them good luck. Probably they don’t need it anymore as they are already very successful.

Anyway, it’s good that the Nordic Translation Industry Forum keeps its traditions as well. Probably the most demanded traditions are two: the Live sketching or, in other words, graphical recording by Linda Saukko-Ruta, who summarizes the presenters’ ideas in a picture format so intelligently and with a light sense of humor, and the dancing party which was a little bit too short this year :).

Hence, the Nordic Translation Industry Forum was a great success again thanks to its organizers Anne-Marie Colliander Lind and Cecilia Enbäck. Our CEO Asta Rusakeviciene enjoyed every moment of this event: great presentations, good discussions, new connections, social activities, etc. And she says a special thanks to Across Systems for the Instant camera which she got as a present at the prize raffle.

To see more photos from the event please visit our Facebook account.


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