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Translation, localization, interpreting services since 1993. Specialising in Baltic, CEE and Nordic languages including Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian, Czech.

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DISKUSIJA – Translation and Localization agency, established in 1993 and striving to be the first choice language services provider for local and international customers. In two decades of operation, we have gained considerable professional experience, have formed a highly qualified team, have gathered an extensive pool of experienced language specialists, and have expanded – and continue to expand – the range of services and languages we provide.


Our goal is to provide high quality client-oriented language services. We are conscious of the importance of our services to the client. Our team works hard in order to provide our clients with an excellent quality product, which can become the key to opening the door to target audience and target market.

We strive to develop and sustain positive client relationships. We believe that every customer is important and should be treated accordingly. The very name of our agency – DISKUSIJA, which means “discussion”– reflects our particularly attentive attitude and personal approach to our clients. We are always ready to listen to every client’s requirement and to discuss the finest details of their order so that both sides have a full and clear understanding of the essence of the request. Our workflow and procedures enable the service to be performed at the highest quality and in the most suitable manner.


Diskusija makes every effort to keep abreast of developments in the translation and localization industry. We keep a close eye on recent innovations and are members of many international organisations. Our membership of such organisations enables us to exchange experiences and share knowledge and best practice with other translation companies worldwide.

Diskusija is a member of:

ELIA (European Language Industry Association) is the European association of translation, interpretation and localization companies. ELIA is committed to providing a forum for exchange, fostering the development of business relationships with fellow members and other related international organisations, as well as promoting the concept of ethics and quality standards throughout the industry.
Diskusija has been a member of ELIA since 2007.

Eulogia (European consortium of translation companies) is a consortium of European translation companies, where each European language is represented by one company. Members of the consortium gather regularly to exchange information and to learn about new ideas for further enhancing our services and for quality improvement.
Diskusija has been a member of Eulogia since 2007.

GALA (Globalisation and Localization Association) is a fully representative, non-profit, international industry association for the translation, internationalisation, localization and globalisation industry. The association gives members a common forum to discuss issues, create innovative solutions, promote the industry and offer clients a unique, collaborative value.
Diskusija has been a member of GALA since 2006.

LATA (Lithuanian Association of Translation Agencies) is the umbrella organisation for Lithuanian translation companies. LATA’s main aims include representing Lithuanian translation companies, developing and promoting common quality assurance principles and quality standards, as well as raising awareness of the translation industry in the country.
Diskusija is a founding member of LATA, which was formed in February 2010.


Diskusija is certified in accordance with the international standard for translation services 17100:2015 and international standard for Quality Management Systems ISO 9001:2015


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