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Diskusija attended ELIA ND Focus on Project Management

ND Focus – Elia’s focus on Project Management, held on 1-2 December, 2016 in Barcelona, was the language industry’s first event that was dedicated entirely to project management. The event gathered more than 120 attendees from 32 countries, including Egypt, the UAE, Canada and South Africa.

Among those attendees was our project manager Rasa Stalnionyte, who was glad to be part of this unique event. It was intensely focused on the issues facing project management and on developing and enhancing the vital skills that every language service company needs to manage and deliver projects successfully and create a competitive edge.

During the event, the latest industry trends were discussed, attendees could benefit from a direct exchange of experience and insights, listen to useful tips and content prepared by established experts, and benefit from targeted and interactive sessions that addressed project management issues and industry challenges. An important part of the event was peer-to-peer networking, which helped to develop and strengthen working relationships.

The event ended with consolidation of the theories presented by the expert speakers on time management, cultural differences, sales, and negotiation. These discussions helped our project manager Rasa to clearly identify new approaches to take back to the office so that our company could benefit from a newly-expanded outlook and even more effective translations project management that will help to exceed client expectations.


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