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Diskusija’s employees had a training session on stress management

Several years ago, during one of our informal celebrations, we were proposed a game: to say what associations we had for every letter of our company name – DISKUSIJA. For S we came up with several words beginning with S, like success and other positive things, but among those which define our work best was the word stress. And although there is a notion that some stress is a rather positive thing, or at least an inevitable thing, in most cases it is negative, especially when experienced frequently.

Stress is a constant companion in our businesse, whether we need to meet tight deadlines, ensure the flow of incoming projects or the right number of appropriate resources, meet the business targets, make sure the quality of our services is of the highest quality and our clients and partners are satisfied with our cooperation, as well as try our hardest to keep up with the newest trends in the industry.

And although it is not possible to escape stress, we decided that we should try to tackle this problem. Thus, last Saturday we had a training session on stress management. The intention was to take a step back from our work environment, so we chose an anti-stress venue – a beautiful and peaceful place outside the city near a lake, and we invited a reputable psychologist to give us a session on stress and management of it.

We learnt some relaxation techniques, heard some theory and statistics about the sources and effects of stress, as well as ways of dealing with it, we completed a lot of surveys, measured the stress levels in our lives, and analysed the sources of stress we have in our work and personal lives. Some things certainly gave us food for thought: maybe there are ways to diminish the sources of stress in our work which the majority of our staff find most serious? Maybe after evaluating the stress levels in our personal lives we are inclined to think our lives over and make some important decisions?

Our staff enjoyed the trip and the session, so we hope we will have more training sessions of a similar kind in the future.


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