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Translation, localization, interpreting services since 1993. Specialising in Baltic, CEE and Nordic languages including Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian, Czech.

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Localization Services

A high quality translation alone is not always enough to ensure that a text prepared in a foreign cultural, legal and linguistic environment is adequately understood and accepted by people living in a different socio-cultural context. Such texts must be adapted to the environment where they are to be used, i.e. localized. Usually, localization applies to marketing material, web content, computer interface software, help files, multimedia, industrial machinery, equipment software, and technical documentation to fit your target culture and language.

Localization consists of translation, adaptation and a number of technical tasks (resizing, testing, graphic illustration, etc.).

During software localization an important task is ensuring that while translating messages for users the original programmer code remains intact. Therefore, special localization tools are used for such translations to ensure that a translator has access only to translation segments, thus avoiding any errors.

We use the following localization tools in our work:

  • Catalyst
  • Helium
  • MS LocStudio
  • Passolo


Diskusija performs:

  • web localization
  • technical manuals localization
  • marketing material localization
  • software localization


We work with files of various formats.


Contact us and we will send you more information about our localization services. For a quote, please use the Free Quote Request form.