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Translation, localization, interpreting services since 1993. Specialising in Baltic, CEE and Nordic languages including Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian, Czech.

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Pricing & Payment

Price calculation for translation services

Our standard policy is to charge per source word. Exceptions may be made when the source format is non-editable and thus it is difficult to take a source word count. In such cases, the price is calculated per target word count.

We are, nevertheless, willing to address requirements of our clients and calculate the price based on the count of characters, line or standard pages.

The prices are calculated by taking the following into consideration:

  • Language combination
  • Number of words, number of repeating segments
  • Turn-around time
  • Source format
  • Formatting and design requirements
  • Type of text: general or specialised
  • Other special requirements


We apply a minimum charge to every order.


As we use translation memory tools for translation, we analyse each project and apply corresponding discounts depending on the number of fully or partially repeated segments.

Volume discounts are also available for large projects and long-term clients.

Price calculation for interpreting services

Prices for interpreting services are calculated on an hourly basis.

Please note that as 2 interpreters are working in the case of simultaneous interpreting the work hours are always doubled.

The minimum rate is 2 hours.

Price calculation for other language services

Editing and proofreading services are charged per word or hour depending on the particularities of the project.

Prices for transcription services are charged per minute.

Prices for DTP services are charged per page, project or hour.


Prices are generally quoted in Euros (EUR). You can always contact us to ask for a quote in USD, GBP, LTL etc.

Payment methods

Our preferred payment method is bank/wire transfer.

We also accept payments through PayPal, Money Bookers, in cash or by cheque.

Paying through bank/wire transfer

You can find all our banking information necessary for making a bank transfer on the invoices or pro-forma invoices we provide.

The payer is responsible for its bank transaction fees. Diskusija pays its bank transaction fees.

Paying through Money Bookers

To pay through Money Bookers, please use the link which will transfer you to the Money Bookers website. Please use our address as the Recipient’s email.

Paying through PayPal

To pay through PayPal, please use the link which will transfer you to the PayPal website. Please use our address as the Recipient’s email.

Paying by cheque

Please let us know in advance if you plan to pay by cheque. Our quote does not include cheque fees we incur. Therefore, while issuing you an invoice, we will add a 5% cheque fee to the amount specified in the estimate.

Please make cheques payable to Diskusija UAB.


Contact us and we will provide you with more information about our prices and payment methods. For a quote, please use our Free Quote Request form.


Our Clients say

  • Diskusija has always handled our projects in a most knowledgeable and professional way, and we would be pleased to continue our cooperation in the future.


  • Diskusija provides fast and good quality translations of complex non-life insurance texts in large volumes. Great value for excellent quality, outstanding service. We are happy to cooperate with this partner.

    PZU Lietuva

  • Up to now, Diskusija has helped us prepare documents for two tenders. The documents were duly prepared and certified. We are especially satisfied with the helpfulness and competence of Diskusija Staff.