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Translation, localization, interpreting services since 1993. Specialising in Baltic, CEE and Nordic languages including Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian, Czech.

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Transcription Services

Diskusija provides high quality transcriptions of audio and video files through our transcribing service.

Transcribing is the rewriting of a speech from an audio recording into an electronic text document in the same language spoken in the recording. In other words, our experts will listen to or watch your audio or video recordings and carefully transcribe the speech into a Word document. At the client’s request, we will translate the transcribed text into one or more target languages.

So the transcribing service might consist of one step when the recording is transcribed in the same language as in the source record into a Word file. Alternatively we can offer a two-step service of transcription and translation. In such cases, the client will be offered a transcription of the same recording in the source language and the translation of the text into a target language or multiple languages.

To provide the service properly, source files have to be of high quality and, if possible, free of background noises.

Our experts can provide transcription services in all our working languages. We work with all file formats.


Do not hesitate to contact us if you need transcription services.