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Certified Translation

Diskusija offers certified translation services.

There are no sworn translators in Lithuania. Therefore translations are certified by translation companies with their seal and the signature of a translator or a representative of the company. Diskusija is entitled to certify all translations we provide.

What is a Certified Translation?

The source document (or its copy) in the original language are stitched together with the translated document in the target language. At the end of the translation, an appropriate note is added in the target language specifying the name and address of the translation company and the signature of the translator or the company’s representative; an appropriate article of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Lithuania is specified also, according to which the signer assumes responsibility for a knowingly false translation. The company certifies the translation with the seal.

What kinds of documents require certification?

Not all documents require certification. Those that do are mostly personal documents such as birth certificates, high school and university diplomas, and any legal documents. These certified translations are usually requested by governmental institutions and universities.


Do not hesitate to contact us, if you need certified translation services.