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Translation, localization, interpreting services since 1993. Specialising in Baltic, CEE and Nordic languages including Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian, Czech.

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Document Translation

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Whether your language translation needs are big or small, there is no doubt that you want to entrust your document translation to a reliable and professional service provider. With a dedicated team of highly qualified translators, Diskusija can convert your documents into over 40 languages and ensure the highest quality service. The translated documents can be certified if required.

Diskusija translates many different types of documents on a daily basis, including:

  • Commercial Contracts
  • Employment Agreements and Job Descriptions
  • Powers of attorney
  • Procedures Manuals
  • Safety Data Sheets
  • Birth, Marriage, Death and other Certificates
  • Diplomas and Attestations
  • Technical Documentation
  • Website Content
  • Brochures and Catalogues
  • Other types of documents
  • Professional native speaking document translators

We have an extensive database of tested translators. All our translators have to pass a rigorous selection procedure to ensure that your documents are translated only by highly professional experts. Our translators specialise in different subject areas and have comprehensive linguistic and field knowledge. All our translators are native speakers, and only translate into their native language in order to ensure the highest-quality translation possible.

Areas of expertise for Document Translation

Our translation team has handled thousands of document translation projects in various subject matters. Our team is ready to work on projects of any complexity and are prepared to help you with all aspects of your translation project including: legal translation, technical translation, medical translation, financial translation, IT & telecom translation and marketing translation.


We always ensure the confidentiality of our clients’ information. All our in-house staff and external translators, proofreaders, and editors are bound by confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements.

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