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The First ELIA Exchange Forum in Lithuania

Our CEO, Asta Rusakeviciene, who is the National Coordinator of the ELIA Exchange programme for Lithuania, has overseen the first ELIA Exchange Forum, which took place at Vilnius University on December 9, 2016. It was the first meeting of its kind in Lithuania, where all 4 universities preparing translators gathered together with the representatives of Language Services Companies to discuss how to bridge the gap between the needs of the language industry and the level of education of translation students. It’s clear that in order to bridge the gap, it’s necessary first to understand how large it is, thus a constructive discussion between LSPs and universities is crucial. The aim of this meeting was to start a discussion on the issues and to see what should be done together and how we can help each other.

We think that this meeting will be the starting point of a deeper mutually beneficial partnership between the industry and academia. Lots of interesting initiatives were discussed, which hopefully will become reality.
Vilnius University is the only Lithuanian ELIA Exchange member so far, but we hope that more universities will join this programme, especially if such interesting EE initiatives like the Translation Project Simulation game will be available for students soon.

Diskusija has always been in contact with Vilnius University, but we hope that after this event we will cooperate with other Lithuanian universities as well as we see the mutual interest in this. We are aware of the talent gap and we are ready to make an effort together with universities to ensure that the education programmes and the education level are adapted to the changing requirements of our industry.



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